Dreams of Dogs



I dreamed about my dogs last night. They were playing in the yard of a house I have dreamed of before. A lady walked up the street and showed them to me saying “Look! They here. This lady been keeping them for you.”

Shaka had suffered a broken leg but it was healed (if a little bowed) and he was running toward me like always. Sahara was sleeping on a patch of sunny grass and Bear’s once russet fur had turned a miraculous shade of purple – which is perfectly permissible in dreams.

We played and dug holes and ate mangoes. When it was time for me to go I asked if they wanted to come with me but they said, no, they were fine there.

I’d like to think that all the people and dogs that I have loved and lost are all somewhere they are fine being – eating mangoes and lying in sunny patches of grass.

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